Every company wants to make the most of their investments - especially in this economic climate. Once you've got virtualization in production, it is essential to optimize your infrastructure to increase the efficiency of your operations. Too often IT shops take an ad hoc approach to this process, which results in costly trial and error - don't let your organization make the same mistake.

This free virtual seminar explains how to capitalize on your virtualization investment. Learn how to fine tune your existing virtual environment and get expert tips and proven best practices for expanding your projects to utilize all the benefits advanced virtualization can bring. Plus you'll have the opportunity to have all your virtualization questions answered by our industry experts during the live Q&A following each of the sessions.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to obtain essential virtualization knowledge and strategies right from the comfort of your desktop!

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Benefit from these four key sessions:

Session 1: Virtualization Expert Speaker Panel moderated by Brian Madden, Virtualization Industry Analyst and Blogger, BrianMadden.com

In this hour-long session, a panel of experts will talk about several different advanced virtualization solutions and how they can help organizations run more efficiently and effectively.

Topics covered include:

  • Security and compliance in virtual environments
  • How to optimize virtual environments through capacity planning and monitoring
  • And a look at emerging technologies such as desktop and mobile virtualization

Our experts will also be available to answer live questions from the audience.

Session 2: Data Protection, High Availability and Disaster Recovery

No properly designed and supported data center is complete without established data protection and data recovery components. And as virtualization environments grow and build the foundation for next generation data centers, protection must extend from the application layer to the physical layer. Virtualization provides the ability to do this in many ways that align with the differences in technology and business rules.

In this session Eric Henderson, Director of Technical Services for New Age Technologies, helps take your performance optimized virtual infrastructure to the next level by adding in the critical protection and recovery elements.

Topics covered include:

  • Factors to consider with planning a highly available infrastructure (including tiering the solution and cutting cost)
  • How to protect applications and their data from being lost
  • What you can do if you lose the data
  • How to prevent disaster, how to recover a lost virtualization partition, and how to save the data
  • And what tools you can use

Session 3: Sever Virtualization Management: Which Hypervisor is Right for Me?

Do you need help determining which hypervisor is right for your environment? In this interview, Beth Nicholson, Senior Editorial Events Manager for TechTarget sits down with Shannon Snowden, Consulting Partner for the IT consulting firm New Age Technologies, to compare and contrast the hypervisor capabilities of Hyper-V, XenServer and ESX servers. Find out what storage is right for your deployment and get some valuable steps to help get started deploying virtualization in production.

Get answers to the following questions:

  • Which hypervisor is right for me?
  • What storage is right for my deployment?
  • And what are the steps to get started deploying virtualization in production?

Session 4: Virtual Infrastructure as a Stepping Stone to the Cloud

Cloud computing comes in several flavors already. Some organizations that don’t want the overhead of an internal infrastructure leverage cloud offerings such as Amazon E3 cloud. Technically mature companies want to take the next step to make their internally supported services ubiquitous and always available, creating an internal cloud. Well designed virtual infrastructures position companies perfectly for the next step – cloud services.

In this session Eric Henderson will discuss:

  • What options does cloud computing offer organizations?
  • Virtualization components to creating a cloud that offers end users an “as a service” type functionality (application, presentation and desktop virtualization scenarios)
  • How you can position your current environment to be ready to utilize cloud computing
  • And practical gotchas

Take advantage of this seminar at your desktop

The live in-person version of this seminar, "Advanced Enterprise Virtualization: Building and Managing Your Virtual Infrastructure" has traveled across the U.S. and Canada throughout 2007 and 2008 and continues this year. Past attendees have raved about the education, networking and technical information they’ve received at this popular one-day event.

And now you don’t need to wait for the seminar to travel to your area – attend from the convenience of your desktop! Via our easy-to-navigate virtual interface, experience all the knowledge and interaction you’d experience if you were to physically attend the show.

As travel and education budgets are getting cut, take advantage of this free resource and access presentations straight from leading independent experts in the field, download white papers, product sheets, and more – all without taking a single day off from your busy office schedule or spending a penny.

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Eric Henderson,
Director of Technical Services, New Age Technologies
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Greg Shields
Independent Consultant and Trainer
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Shannon Snowden
Consulting Partner, New Age Technologies
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Rick Vanover
System Administrator, Safelite Auto Glass
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