Advanced Enterprise Virtualization:

Building and Managing Your Virtual Infrastructure

A free 1-day seminar

Have you moved past the pilot stage and into production with server virtualization? Are you realizing that there's more to virtualization than just cramming lots of virtual machines onto servers to save floor space and power?

Are you experiencing virtual machine sprawl, or are hesitant to go further, not knowing how best to proceed? Need to assuage upper management's fears of the unknown?

At this seminar, independent experts Shannon Snowden and Eric Henderson will provide essential tips and strategies to help you leverage the benefits of virtualization and properly address this technology’s unique challenges.

Find out how to:

  • Analyze an existing virtual infrastructure to identify areas of improvement
  • Use high availability techniques to move beyond simple failover capabilities
  • Tune and manage virtual environments according to best practices
  • Assess backup and storage options for virtual servers
  • Deploy cost-effective business continuity with advanced virtualization management tools
  • Configure and manage virtual servers to stay compliant with security regulations

Our speakers explain the issues virtual environments present not seen in the physical world – in areas such as managing change, ensuring data protection and tuning performance. Additionally, they offer practical advice on the technologies that exist to improve availability, manageability and performance in ways distinct to virtual environments.

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Keynote Speakers

shannonsmug.jpg Shannon Snowden
Consulting Partner, New Age Technologies
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Eric Henderson
Director of Technical Services, New Age Technologies
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8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast 12:20 PM Solution Sessions with our Sponsors
9:00 AM Introduction and Welcome 12:40 PM Lunch
9:05 AM Session 1: Optimizing Virtual Environments for Performance 1:50 PM Session 3: Security and Compliance in Virtual Environments
10:05 AM Solution Sessions with our Sponsors 2:55 PM Session 4: Virtual Infrastructure as a Stepping Stone to the Cloud
10:35 AM Peer Networking / Refreshment Break 3:55 PM Q & A and Raffle
11:20 AM Session 2: Data Protection, High Availability and Disaster Recovery  

At this seminar you will learn:

Our agenda includes complimentary breakfast and lunch, plenty of networking opportunities and tons of valuable information. And you benefit from these key sessions with experts Shannon Snowden and Eric Henderson:

Session 1: Optimizing Virtual Environments for Performance

Many organizations have embraced virtualization and have put servers in production without understanding how fundamentally different a virtual infrastructure is than a physical server environment. Consequently, virtualized servers sometimes don’t perform up to expectations. In this session Shannon Snowden, Associate Consulting Partner for New Age Technologies, examines the layers involved to arrive at an optimized virtual infrastructure. Topics include:

  • Discovering why virtual servers shouldn’t look like physical servers
  • Properly setting expectations with technical and non-technical organizational teams
  • Determining the right amount of physical resources to commit to virtual machines
  • Monitoring, auditing and troubleshooting methods that help optimize a virtual environment

Session 2: Data Protection, High Availability and Disaster Recovery

No properly designed and supported data center is complete without established data protection and data recovery components. And as virtualization environments grow and build the foundation for next generation data centers, protection must extend from the application layer to the physical layer. Virtualization gives us the ability to do this in many ways that align with the differences in technology and business rules. In this session Eric Henderson, Director of Technical Services for New Age Technologies, takes your performance optimized virtual infrastructure and adds in the critical protection and recovery elements. Topics include:

  • Factors to consider when planning a highly available infrastructure (including tiering the solution and cutting cost)
  • How to protect applications and their data from being lost
  • What to do if the data is lost
  • How to prevent disaster, how to recover a lost virtualization partition and how to save the data
  • What tools are currently available to use

Session 3: Security and Compliance in Virtual Environments

Properly securing mission critical data to meet internal and external compliance standards has always been a challenge. Virtualization can help companies meet compliance standards in new ways that were not available in the physical world, but let’s not forget that we have to make sure the virtual infrastructures are compliant as well. In this session, Shannon Snowden will discuss:

  • The differences between securing a virtual environment and a physical environment
  • Business security and technical solutions alignment
  • Monitoring best practices
  • Tools to check out
  • The additional security considerations with cloud computing solutions

Session 4: Virtual Infrastructure as a Stepping Stone to the Cloud

Cloud computing comes in several flavors already. Some organizations that don’t want the overhead of an internal infrastructure leverage cloud offerings such as Amazon E3 cloud. Technically mature companies want to take the next step to make their internally supported services ubiquitous and always available, creating an internal cloud. Well designed virtual infrastructures position companies perfectly for the next step – cloud services. In this session Eric Henderson will discuss:

  • What does cloud computing offer organizations
  • Virtualization components to creating a cloud that offers end users an “as a service” type functionality (application, presentation and desktop virtualization scenarios)
  • How to position your current environment to be ready to use cloud computing
  • Practical gotchas

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Who should attend:

This seminar is designed for IT managers and IT practitioners looking to step up to next-generation virtualization environments.

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