The data center continues to face significant space, energy and cooling constraints. And despite IT budgets being tighter than ever these days, you can’t ignore the need to squeeze the most out of your data center architecture in terms of servers, storage, networking, physical infrastructure or even the possibility of new data center construction, all of which can help increase efficiencies and lead to tremendous cost savings.

So how can you decide what’s best to focus on now, what can be placed on the back burner, and how to most effectively keep pace with new date center advancements without impacting your current budget? Attend Confronting Data Center Constraints and get proven, real-world expertise focused on how to extend the capacity of your current data center infrastructure and create flexibility for future growth – all while saving the time and frustration of having to bring in an entire team of consultants to do the job for you.

Gain FREE admission today and discover:

  • How to harness the real forces driving today’s data center energy usage
  • 10 Proven tactics for re-architecting a server and storage setup that extends the life of a data center
  • How to decipher and take advantage of emerging green technologies in servers, storage and infrastructure
  • How to embark on a data center construction or renovation project without breaking the bank
  • And more

No matter what your present focus, we guarantee any and all questions related to your data center will be addressed by guest expert, data center guru and Chief Technology Officer of Xcedex Inc., David Payne.

Focused on Windows and wanting to gain a better understanding of data center capacity planning and impact analysis? Or how to decide whether to scale up, out or both -- and what server setup will work best for you? We break down the variety of desktop virtualization paths available, so you can most effectively plan for capacity growth and future-proof your data center for the next 12-18 months.

Facing specific storage challenges such as how the growth of server virtualization is going to impact your plans going forward? Or how the explosion of data center demand will impact storage capacity decisions? Attend and learn the key tactics for re-architecting a server and storage setup that extends the life of your data center. Plus find out the impact of ultra-dense computing may have on your datacenter facilities and how to ultra-densify your storage and servers.

Tasked with managing your entire environment especially at the CIO/CTO level? Here’s your best chance to take just a few quick hours out of the office to discover little-known tips, tactics and techniques that can extend the life of your data center and avoid the potentially nine-figure capital expense of building a new data center. You'll return to the office with a thorough understanding of datacenter 2.0 capacity planning and the impact of cloud computing, ultra-dense computing, and more.

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Session 1: Future-proofing Your Server and Systems Infrastructure

This session provides best practices on reducing server costs by deploying new energy efficient hardware, consolidating, virtualizing and provisioning your new data center. Our speaker discusses the trend toward highly dense systems and offer guidance that may change the way you plan out your own data center environment. Topics covered include:

  • Planning for datacenter 2.0, capacity planning and impact analysis
  • Scale up or scale out, or both? What server setup will work best for you?
  • What's the impact of ultra dense computing on my datacenter facilities?
  • What about storage? How can I ultra-densify my storage along with my servers?
  • What impact does the ubiquitously looming cloud have on my datacenter plans?

Session 2: Best Practices for Data Center Hardware Utilization

Many factors come into play when assessing a strategy for how to best utilize your data center’s existing hardware. Though complex and demanding to manage, virtualizing your data center hardware can actually be beneficial to you both financially and as part of your disaster recovery plan. Our speaker discusses the advantages and pitfalls to virtualizing and consolidating your data center hardware and walks through a practical approach to getting started. Topics addressed include:

  • Beyond the virtualization hype, what's the real opportunity and how do I know if it's right for me?
  • How to quantify a business case around virtualization? What are all the costs and how long does it take?
  • Which of my systems are good candidates to go virtual and how do I size a new environment?
  • How virtualization allows for a new economic view of IT -- the consumable server and ongoing capacity planning.

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David Payne,
Chief Technology Officer & Founder, Xcedex
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8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast

9:00 AM Session 1: Future Proofing your Server and Systems Infrastructure

10:00 AM Solution Sessions

10:30 AM Refreshment Break

11:00 AM Session 2: Best Practices for Data Center Hardware Utilization

12:00 PM Q&A and Raffle

12:15 PM Seminar concludes


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